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These days, your employees need more options to manage their health and wellbeing. The Health Solutions by Shoppers team has created a suite of products that you can choose from to give your team the flexibility and care they need in order to manage their whole-life wellness. After all, taking care of your workforce is important, because they’re taking care of your business.

What are the costs of chronic disease to your business?

Using data and insights developed in partnership with The Conference Board of Canada, this tool estimates what chronic conditions such as anxiety disorder, depression, diabetes, obesity and heart disease can cost your organization on an annual basis.

Our Solutions

Established in 2010, Health Solutions by ShoppersTM is committed to helping employers and their benefits providers deliver more cost-effective and sustainable employee health benefits, with a focus on improving employee well-being and ultimately health outcomes.

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Health coaching

Employees with chronic conditions like Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and/or weight management can benefit from support and guidance. The health coaching program offers one-on-one coaching from a unique network of pharmacists*, nurses and dietitians.

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When depression and anxiety cloud your employees, show them there’s a silver lining. Now on their own time, employees can access the tools they need to help feel better, and more importantly, stay better.

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Drug Plan

HealthWATCH© Drug Plan

The drug plan can help find the right balance between drug plan affordability and helping to keep employees healthy at work. This employee-first approach categorizes prescription medications into two levels of coverage or reimbursement.

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Virtual care

Virtual care is a unique health benefits program that provides employees with quick and easy access to a remote team of healthcare professionals to answer everyday health questions.

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Medical Cannabis Program

Medical Cannabis Program

A comprehensive, full-service program that allows eligible employees access to high-quality cannabis products for the treatment of recognized medical conditions.

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*In Quebec any pharmacist consultation will be the responsibility of the pharmacist-owner chosen by the user.