Are you under pressure to provide GREATER health support with LESS?

There’s a solution. The HealthWATCH® drug plan is a new benefits program that allows you to provide the support your team needs, while saving your company money.

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The challenge:

Private drug spend is growing 2x faster than the economy.

Employees want more from their health benefits. Upper management wants to control costs. That puts you under pressure.

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Our insight:

The problem is not just expensive specialty drugs.

The secret to saving you money is in the management of traditional drugs, not just the expensive specialty drugs.

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Our solution:

We created a tiered plan that could help save you money, while supporting employees.

The HealthWATCH® drug plan can save you up to 10% on your drug plan costs.

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Employees want more from their health plan.

Members of the HealthWATCH® drug plan get savings and exclusive offers.

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