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Before your employee’s health takes a turn, they should have a team to turn to.

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Employees with chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and/or weight management issues can benefit from support and guidance. Even employees without any conditions but who may be at-risk or those who are simply looking for additional support for prevention can benefit from personalized goal setting that guides them towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The health coaching program is designed to do just that by offering one-on-one coaching from a unique network of pharmacists*, nurses and dietitians.

With a team by their side, employees and their families can learn how to manage and live well with their condition. Employers may also benefit from more engaged and supported employees, as well as a reduction in costs to their benefits plan.

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of employees with chronic conditions miss work, or find it harder to do their job.

Because chronic conditions come to work

What we know is that 47% of employees with chronic conditions miss work or find it harder to do their job.1 Between diagnosis and check-ups, the current healthcare system may not offer continuous care. This gap in the system ends up bringing productivity down and benefit costs up. The health coaching program is as much of a business tool as it is a workplace tool.

How your health coaching team can help

  • 39% of employees take time off for healthcare appointments2
    Consults take place by phone call or video chat, making them easy and convenient
  • Over 20% of drug spending is for diabetes and heart disease3
    We help employees set achievable goals, including counselling to resolve drug therapy problems and follow ups to monitor adherence.
  • 84% of employees with chronic conditions feel they need more information and support4
    Our program works with employees to set goals, provide lifestyle counselling (e.g., diet and exercise), create action plans and monitor progress. Ultimately, employees are given the tools that enable them to take control of their health and help keep them engaged at work.

How it works

health checklist


Short questionnaire to establish employee’s needs.

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One-on-one phone or video chat with a nurse who helps create a plan.

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Goals & Monitoring

Follow-up consultations with a pharmacist*, nurse or dietitian. Employees continue to learn about their health and set goals.

Support tailored to your employees' needs

First Steps

Right for you if you want learn more about your condition and receive customized advice without committing to a longer program.

  • 3 x 30 min consultations
  • Online health resources

Goal Setting

Right for you if you have a good understanding of your condition, want customized advice and want more robust support that helps you reach your health goals.

  • 6 hours of consultations
  • Online health resources
  • Goal Setting Tools

Caregiver Support

Right for you if you are caring for a family member and are looking for health resources and support.

  • Newsletter and webinars
  • Online health resources



Health Education


Goal Setting


Nutrition Coaching


Progress Tracking


Medication Counselling

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Start supporting your employees with chronic conditions by adding the health coaching program to your employee health benefits plan.

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