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Rapid Antigen Screening, which can detect the presence of COVID-19 within just 15-20 minutes, helps workplaces with an added layer of safety and security. Bring Rapid Screening, and peace of mind, to your workplace today.

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Workplace testing provides added safety for the new normal

As the pandemic evolves, the need for rapid, reliable and affordable screening options have grown. Employees are making their way back into the workplace and travel for work and leisure is also slowly resuming. With this, employee safety continues to be a top priority for everyone, which is why testing is of paramount importance to us all.

Health Solutions by Shoppers has developed and delivered testing tools for rapid screening and also provides the expertise businesses need to support screening integration and planning for travel. We also have training resources to help your workplace integrate testing best practices and get back to work with confidence.

Simple and Convenient In-Pharmacy Testing

The Health Solutions by Shoppers team understands that not all workplaces can accommodate onsite testing. Our convenient In-Pharmacy testing supports workplace and employee safety wherever the employees need, through one of many Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws pharmacy locations across Canada.

The employee experience is simple and convenient:

  • Employee accesses the online program portal via a unique link
  • Employee completes self-screening, a short intake form and consent within the portal, selects a participating Shoppers Drug Mart or Loblaw pharmacy and books an appointment
  • Employee arrives at selected location on the day of their appointment
  • Screening test results are delivered electronically within 15‑20 minutes

Reliable and Secure Screening Onsite Programs

For employers looking for Do It Yourself onsite screening options, Health Solutions by Shoppers has an employer-based program that leverages rapid antigen testing tools, testing center set up, and access to resources and expertise to support planning for employee safety both inside and outside the workplace. This program also provides employers consolidated reporting to help employers monitor the safety of their workforce.

Convenient options available for employers who want COVID-19 screening to safely operate their businesses.

Get back to travel

For many, getting back to business means getting back to corporate travel, which requires even greater planning and management. Keep your employees and workplaces safe with a suite of tools, resources and support to help you mitigate risk and keep your business moving.

The Employer Rapid Antigen Screening program can help you with:

  • Do it yourself Rapid Antigen Screening tests for the workplace
  • Support and training to set up an in-office testing center
  • In-depth insights into travel requirements and restrictions, as well as up to the minute COVID information
  • Additional tools for managing COVID in the new normal
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Other Screening options are also available. Please contact us for more details

Support for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

In partnership with the Government of Canada, small and medium sized organizations can also pick up antigen screening tests at Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The rapid screening tests for this initiative are being provided free-of-charge by the Government of Canada for qualifying businesses. Stores will charge a small handling fee for each box of 25 tests.

For more details, visit www.federalrapidscreening.morewaystobenefit.ca


To get started:

  • 1

    Contact us
    Learn more about the program, screening models, and timelines.

  • 2

    Confirm your participation
    Work with a Customer Success Manager on program set up, employee communication materials and engagement strategies.

  • 3

    Implement your testing program
    Offer rapid antigen screening to your employees, either DIY or in pharmacy workplace testing.

    For in-pharmacy screening, employees will access the program portal which will allow you to self-register and set up for an easy employee experience and simple billing.

  • 4

    Get your results fast!
    Employees can book their screening test online through our portal and visit a participating pharmacy location closest to them. Results are available to be shared within 15-20 minutes of their appointment* and consent is required.

Bring peace of mind to your workplace

Speak with one of our Health Solutions sales associates to find out how our programs can manage COVID safety in your workplace, with proven tools, resources and support.

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We have answers.

This program uses a rapid COVID-19 antigen screening test. This type of screening test can provide indication of an active COVID-19 infection by indicating the presence of antigens – or specific proteins on a virus’s surface. Antigen screening test results are typically available within 15-20 minutes. Antigen screening tests provide results more quickly; however, they may be less sensitive (i.e. more false negatives) than diagnostic tests and cannot be used to confirm a diagnosis of COVID-19.

Our on-site programs include training and support for your organization for onsite administration and management. For our In-Pharmacy programs, qualified Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists will administer the screening test for patients who reside in Alberta and Ontario. In other provinces, the program has developed alternative screening test options.

The sample will be collected by using a shallow nasal swab.

In the provinces of Alberta and Ontario employees will be tested onsite at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations and Loblaw grocery stores with pharmacies.

Employer Rapid Antigen Screening Tests will be made available at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations and Loblaw grocery stores with pharmacies. Contact us for more information on locations and availability.

In provinces outside of Alberta & Ontario, the program has developed alternative screening test options. Please contact us for moreinformation.

Our team will work with each employer to determine appropriate screening test frequency.

Contact us to get started. We will work with your team to put contracts in place, set up frequency and help with communication to your employees.

The screening test delivers results in approximately 15-20 minutes. Once the result is available, the employee will receive an email or text notification and can access their result on our online portal.

If an employee’s screening test result is a preliminary positive, both the employee and employer will be notified. The employee will be instructed to return home and self-isolate immediately. Screening tests do not confirm a diagnosis of COVID-19, so the employee will still need to contact public health within 24 hours to book an appointment for a follow-up diagnostic polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

The Pharmacist will also report the results if required by their province.

If an employee’s screening test result is negative, they will also be notified by email, and the individual may return to work and continue to follow the employer’s workplace safety guidelines.

If an employee’s screening test result is indeterminate, the employee will need to rebook for another screening test the same day.

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COVID-19 rapid screening tests are available at select Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw locations.

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